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A newborn shoot is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of your precious little bundle and capture them when they are at their tiniest. My aim is to make the shoot a special experience for you and your new baby and a time to really relax and connect with them. Afterwards, you’ll have a collection of beautiful and timeless fine art images to treasure and look back on.


When should I book?  Most expectant Mums book around their 20 week scan, to secure their booking.


What if baby is early or late?  Babies arrive when they decide to, usually not on their due date! That’s OK, just let me know your due date when you book. As soon as baby arrives, we can agree a specific date for your shoot ideally whilst baby is 3 to 10 days old.


What’s the best location for the shoot? Leaving the house when your baby is just a few days old can seem like a full on military operation! Don't worry, I can come to you to do the shoot in the comfort of your own home. I’ll bring all the things I need to make the perfect picture. Relax, have a cup of tea, a biscuit, and watch the shoot unfold!


What should I expect from the shoot?  Every shoot is different and precious. We'll already have talked about the things that you’d like and what to expect in your initial consultation. The atmosphere will be relaxed and calm - we go at baby's pace. I make sure that the room is nice and warm (I bring a little heater) – baby will love it, but make sure you wear something cool! We will take lots of breaks to feed baby when needed. This may be the first chance you’ll have had to relax, take a break and look at your beautiful newborn without babygro's and nappies!


What if my baby cries and won’t sleep during the shoot?  Don’t worry! That’s perfectly natural, and why I allow up to 4 hours for a shoot. That way, we go at baby’s pace and keep things relaxed and laid back. 


What about safety?  Safety is absolutely paramount in my shoots. I’ve trained with one of the top newborn photographers in the country and I’m a Mum myself - I will only ever put your baby in safe poses, and make sure they are happy, secure and comfortable.


What happens if baby has a little blemish on the day of the shoot?  Don’t worry, the wonders of technology can smooth out any little blemishes! I retouoch all images to the highest professional standard so your beautiful baby is at their most peachy! 


Can I include some family shots? It’s great to include older siblings, but please bear in mind that to get really great newborn shots, we may need an extra pair of hands to look after big brother or sister.


How should I prepare for the shoot?  Very simply. I'll send you a some info a couple of days before the shoot so that the experience is easy, relaxed and enjoyable. 


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